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"Photography makes me feel a kind of strange in the middle of the world, a kind of life’s voyeur, it’s about the most deep instincts of human beings, what you see with your eyes and how it looks like depends most of the time of what you became along the years, it’s all about life, style, music, relationships, art and more, it’s about feelings, dreams, nightmares, love and pain.
Photography is that moment, when you pull the trigger and the time stops, forever. I've started learn about photography in college: laboratory, papers, develop, darkroom and all that stuff, my BW passion comes from those days, thus I don’t like to treat or edit my photos, unless if I have to do that for a job or a special thing, I crop if I have to, but in most of time I just develop a raw file and it’s all.
This is about how I see the world."

Thanks for been here and I hope you enjoy.

"Publicitário apaixonado por fotografia"